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Audio Display Prototype: Daily Vertical Migration Gets Eclipsed

Based upon data sonifications I made for the Daily Vertical Migration Gets Eclipsed! Data Nugget, I mocked up an audio display prototype. I still need to get team member reviews and feedback before creating a final version we can integrate into the evaluation phase of the pilot project. Thinking of the audio display as an end product was helpful for me in working with creating data sonifications overall.

The Zooplankton Daily Vertical Migration audio display has five tracks that roughly span five-and-a-half minutes. I included the graph of the data alongside a playlist of the five audio files. The material consists of a narrated script and eight sonifications embedded within the narration. I chose not to include natural environment sounds as bed tracks.

Headphones are best for listening.

The graphic contains two sets of data as two vertical panels aligned to show the same 36 hour period across the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. The top panel graph contains a single line that depicts the daily solar radiation cycle. The bottom panel is a color image of water depth and shows zooplankton daily vertical migration movement from Bio-acoustic Sonar data.


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by Jon Bellona


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